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PostHeaderIcon How To Change Your Twitter Name Without Losing Followers

I set up my twitter years ago when I was in a different business.  I recently decided I needed to change the name so it would be more keyword friendly for the business I am in now.  I was worried about losing my followers even though I don’t have many.  So how do you change it without losing followers?

Well it is simple. Just go to your twitter account and click on settings.  In there you will see your user name.  You simple just change it to what you want,   you wont loose any followers and when they log in they will see you have changed your name.  Then if you want you can create a new account with your old Twitter name, and then just add the new URL and post a single tweet notifying people that your name has changed:  Follow my new account:- @EthicalSEOuk.

Sorted!  So if anyone used to follow @cazamic, I am now @EthicalSEOuk

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